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Ideal Uses for a Handheld Vacuum:
  • Fast Cleanup - Quickly vacuum in those high-traffic areas that are prone to dirt to prepare for late-notice guests on their way to your place.
  • Hard-to-Reach Spots - Clean those nooks and crannies your regular vacuum can't.
  • Auto - Great for floor mats, seats, and rear cargo area.
  • Pet Hair - Pickup after your best friend in between your regular vacuum schedule. 
Decision Factors when choosing a Handheld Vacuum:
  • Corded/Cordless - Greatest portability is achieved with a cordless battery-operated unit.  You simply plug in the charger between uses.
  • Power - Beware of vacuums that are under-powered.  You want at least a 15 volt motor to get sufficient suction power for common vacuum needs.
  • Crevice Tool - Most hand vacuums have a built-in extension nozzle that allows you to reach into narrow spots as well as areas high above the ground like ceiling corners.
  • Price - These days, a reasonable price point for a quality hand vacuum with essential features is approx $60.  Vacuums priced much less are generally inferior with regard to power, and vacuums priced much higher are just a poor value.
Products Evaluated:
  • Black & Decker Dustbuster CHV1510 - 15.6 volts, NiCad battery, weight 3.2 lbs,  built-in narrow crevice tool (narrow).
  • Black & Decker Dustbuster CHV1410L - 16 volts, Lithium battery, weight 2.6 lbs,  built-in narrow crevice tool (narrow).
  • Black & Decker Pivoting Hand Vac PHV1810 - 18 volts, NiCad battery, weight 4.5 lbs, 2 speeds, built-in crevice tool (wide).
  • Dirt Devil AccuCharge BD10045 - 15.6 volts, NiCad battery, weight 3.25 lbs, built-in crevice tool (short).
Candidates are limited to cordless units with a 15+ volt power motor and priced at approx $60.
Bottom-Line Recommendation:
  • Offers all the essential capabilities you need in a hand vacuum: cordless for portability, and a high voltage motor for strong suction power.
  • The crevice tool on this unit is long and narrow while others are too big or short to fit in those nooks and crannies that need cleaning.
  • This is the lightest weight hand vac in its class.  It doesn't cause wrist fatigue like heavier handheld units can.
  • Contains a Lithium battery which provides high power to the motor consistently during every use.  Other units rely on NiCad cells, an older battery technology which is affected by the charging cycle that results in high/low fluctuations of the power level.
The Black & Decker Dustbuster CHV1410L is the best Cordless Hand Vac for the following reasons:
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